New Landscape Care:
All new plantings should be kept moist, not wet, for the first two summers and winters.

Palm trees must be fed monthly starting in late March (if weather has warmed) and ending In September. Feed at full rate first feed and follow with low to medium feed as shown on fertilizer instructions.

All shrubs, grasses and flowers should be given fertilizer 3 times during the growing season, starting in late March and ending in September.

Acidic fertilizers should be used for Azaleas, Camellias, Gardenias Evergreens and Hydrangeas as well as other acid loving plants. Azaleas should be feed after every bloom cycle.

All other plants can be fed at this time also.

Mulch should be done every spring and fall.

Palm food – for all palms and Yuccas. Brands are Carl Pool or Organic Espoma .

Acid Fertilizer – For Azaleas, Hydrangeas, Gardenias, Camellias, Evergreens, Maples, Oaks and Magnolias. Brand: Nelson Plant food for Azaleas or Espoma HollyTone.

Palm Tree Care:
Palm trees should be kept moist, not wet, for the first two summers and winters after planting. All Palms must be feed 4 times during the growing season with Palm specific food, starting in April and ending in September.

Pindo Palm care:
It is suggested the if ice and snow are predicted, covering the crown of the Pindo would be helpful in keeping the ice and snow off the crown. Ice in the crown of the Pindo can cause crown rot in the spring, so it is best to keep it out. Snow can be knocked off with a broom so it doesn’t sit in the crown for any length of time and turn to ice.

Frost blankets or old sheets can be used to cover the palm. Do Not Use Plastic.

When ice or snow is no longer a threat the cover can be removed.

For all Palms and landscape plants it is a good idea to make sure the ground is moist before a hard freeze and have a deep layer of mulch, especially around Palms. Keeping the ground moist before a freeze helps protect the roots from damage.