Fertilizers + Organics

Fertilizers are a great addition to any landscape or container garden! They are intended to feed and add nourishment to your garden due the large amount of nutrients being taken in. Plants take in all of the nutrients they need from the air and soils but soils can become depleted by heavy rains, large lawns and even beautiful flowering seasons! The basic fertilizer can be broken down into three letters (N-P-K) which stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

Nitrogen is what gives your plants their rich green color and helps promote healthy leaf growth. However, too much nitrogen and your plants will focus on leafy growth and less on flower production. Phosphorus, helps your plants with producing strong roots and flowers, fruits and seeds. Low phosphorus leads to weakened roots and a shortage of flowers or fruit. Potassium is a well-rounded nutrient that ensure plants are healthy, balanced and more resistant to disease and drought. These key nutrients are vital to your garden’s success. There are additional nutrients that may be supplied within fertilizers and some special plants such as Azaleas, Hydrangeas or Bougainvillea may need special numbers that an all-purpose won’t cater to. Luckily, we have fertilizers for those special cases as well!

Though this may sound like a lot, fertilizers don’t have to be confusing! We carry the best fertilizers and we have the knowledge to help you choose what’s best for your garden. Use this helpful guide below to choose what’s best for you!

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